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Run and Gun!


RUNANDGUN! was formed in 1993 by three graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design. We started as a production company, creating animation, commercials and music videos for clients such as Nickelodeon, MTV, Warner Brothers, J. Walter Thompson, Midway Games and many others. Although the work we did was primarily for broadcast, we quickly moved into the digital realm.

Early on we formed an alliance with Chicago-based Vream Inc.. Vream is a pioneer of Virtual Reality tools for the desktop and the Web. RUNANDGUN! designed all of Vream's demo worlds and worked closely with Vream to demonstrate their products at several Comdex shows and Meckler's VR conference. Our first game title for the PC: "Bung-Ho!: Virtual Bungie Jump" was created for VictorMaxx Technologies. The game was packed-in with The VictorMaxx Stuntmaster, and PowerMaxx, two virtual reality headsets created and sold by VictorMaxx. We also created Web sites and Web-based entertainment for Sony Music, Nickelodeon, DEVO and the Chicago Tribune, among others. Much of the work that we created included some early (and as of yet unrivaled) examples of VRML, Shockwave games and other types of web-based multimedia.

In 1995 we began work on "Duelin' Firemen!" a PC game that centers around the next great Chicago fire. "Duelin' Firemen!" combines stunning, and wholly demented motion-picture elements with a solid 2D and 3D game engine to create a never before experienced barn-burnin' videogame hoe-down. "Duelin' Firemen" features performances by the late, great Timothy Leary (in live and 3D form), as well as DEVO founder Mark Mothersbaugh, the legendary Disco Godfather Rudy Ray Moore, and a cast of other assorted freakin' luminaries.

We continued to do broadcast work and Web-based projects for the next two years, but slowly moved towards just videogame development. In 1996 we created Wild Ride!, the only 3D surfing game for the PC. We successfully sold Wild Ride! through our Web site, and through a number of smaller distributors in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Wild Ride! was recently picked up for publishing by Interplay, and will be distributed worldwide beginning the first quarter of 1999.

RUNANDGUN! was working on 'Wicked Surfing' for the Nintendo Color Gameboy in 1999 and 2000. 'Wicked Surfing' was ultimately cancelled when the publisher Interplay ran into finance troubles and was unable to pay the company.

Contributed by ROFLBLAH (366) on Jun 23, 2000. [revised by : Kyle G (28)].