Safari Software Ltd.


Safari Software Ltd. was formed in the late 1980s and was primarily the developer of fast-action games for Epic MegaGames, which bought them out in 1997.


Seek and Destroy(1996)
Highway Hunter(1994)
Heroes 1/4: The Tantalizing Trio(1994)
Heroes: The Sanguine Seven(1994)
Traffic Department 2192(1994)
LineWars II(1994)
Space Chase Part One: City Under Siege(1993)
Space Chase III: Showdown In Orbit(1993)


Location and Contact (1994)

Safari Software
10406 Holbrook Drive
MD 20854
United States of America

Phone: 800-238-1393
Fax: 301-738-0230
CompuServe: 70451,633
Internet: [email protected]

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