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Salamander Software


Salamander Software started by developing programs for the Dragon 32 computer.

In 1983 its top titles were Dragon Trek, Wizard War, Grand Prix, Vulcan Noughts and Crosses and Games Compendium DI.

Four new titles were developed Star Jammer, Salamander Graphics, Night Flight and Superskill Hangman.

All of these were available on the 32k Tandy Colour Computer.

In addition two games were developed in conjunction with Oric Products for the Oric 1, a game called TREK and a games compendium.


Attack of the Mutant Camels(1984)
Metagalactic Llamas: Battle at the Edge of Time (1984)
737 Flight Simulator(1983)
Laser Zone(1983)
Dragon Trek(1982)


In 1983 Salamander had a marketing arrangement with Quicksilva. Salamander would convert games written by Jeff Minter of Llamasoft for use on the Spectrum and Quicksilva would market them.

Two early conversions were 'TRAX' and Gridrunner.

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