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Sammy USA Corporation


Sammy USA Corporation (SUSA), established in April 1988 under the corporate name of American Sammy Corporation in the state of California, is a subsidiary of Sammy Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Sammy Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of pachinko and pachinko slot machines. Together, the companies have pledged to provide solid entertainment products with priority given to game development and further growth of the company.

On December 1, 1992 the corporation relocated to Elk Grove Village and was reincorporated in the State of Illinois on March 8, 1996.

In March 2001 the company decided to expand its sales base by establishing a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Sammy Europe Ltd., to concentrate on the vast European market.

Also Known As

  • American Sammy Corporation (from Apr, 1988 to 1990)


Guilty Gear Isuka(2007)
Spy Fiction(2004)
Rumble Fish, The(2004)
Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A. 97(1997)
Zombie Raid(1995)
Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A.(1995)
Eagle Shot Golf(1994)
Krazy Bowl(1994)
Battle Blaze(1993)
Survival Arts(1993)
Football Fury(1993)
Rolan's Curse 2(1992)
Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum(1992)
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys(1992)
Vice: Project Doom(1991)
Rolan's Curse(1991)
Ninja Taro(1991)
Ninja Crusaders(1990)
Ultimate Basketball (1990)
Michael Andretti's World GP(1990)
Twin Cobra(1990)
Spinal Breakers(1990)
Bio-Ship Paladin(1990)
Arkista's Ring(1990)
Omega Fighter(1989)


The company formed a subsidiary, Treco USA in 1990 to begin producing games for the Sega Genesis system. It was thought that by using a different name, they would avoid any potential problems with producing games for the Super Nintendo System - since Nintendo and Sega were both battling for console dominance in the 16-bit arena during those days.

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