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Sekai Project, Inc.


Sekai Project, Inc. is an American video game company specializing in the release of visual novels, imported from Japan or otherwise.

Founded as an informal group of "School Days" fans in 2007, and named after the "School Days" character Sekai Saionji, the fledgling group received its first major coup when its unofficial project to translate School Days HQ was discovered by 0verflow, who programmed the "School Days" series. Owing to poll results and popular demand from "School Days" fans, 0verflow hired Sekai Project to translate "HQ" for an official English release, which was released by JAST USA in June 2012.

Since then, Sekai Project has released a steady stream of mostly visual novel games (including some adult games released by Denpasoft), but has also branched into manga translations. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.


One Last Crane(2022)
Neko-mimi Sweet Housemates(2022)
A Clockwork Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow(2022)
9-nine-: NewEpisode(2022)
Slobbish Dragon Princess 2(2021)
Kimagure Temptation(2021)
Re;Lord 2: The Witch of Cologne and Black Cat(2021)
Heart of the Woods (Collector's Edition)(2021)
2236 A.D.: Secretary Stories(2021)
Nekopara: Catboys Paradise(2021)
Tobari 2: Dream Ocean - Nightmare(2021)
Island Diary(2021)
Slobbish DraPri Love + Plus(2021)
Sierra Ops: Episode 2 - Dissonance and Resonance(2021)
Fault: Milestone One (Collector's Edition)(2021)
Girls in Glasses(2021)
9-nine-: Episode 4(2021)
Slobbish DraPri(2021)
Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me: Fan Disc, The(2020)
I Walk among Zombies Vol. 3(2020)
I Walk among Zombies Vol. 0(2020)
Nekopara: Vol. 4(2020)
Alisa Quest(2020)
Undead Darlings: No Cure for Love(2020)
Highway Blossoms: Next Exit(2020)
9-nine-: Episode 3(2020)
Tobari 2: Dream Ocean(2020)
Mahou Arms(2020)
Amairo Chocolate(2020)
Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire(2020)
Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire - Plus Sunrider Girls!(2020)
Sierra Ops(2020)
Sierra Ops: Season Pass(2020)
Baldr Sky(2019)
Emerald Tablet, The(2019)
Winter Polaris(2019)
Neko-nin: exHeart 3(2019)
How to Raise a Wolf Girl(2019)
Nanairo Reincarnation(2019)
M.A.S.S. Builder(2019)
9-nine-: Episode 2(2019)
Muv-Luv: Photonflowers*(2019)
Witch's Love Diary, The(2019)
Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters! ~Hunt of the Headless Horseman~(2019)
Neko-nin: exHeart 2 - Love +PLUS(2019)
Walkerman Act 2: Herdchaser-girl(2019)
Tokyo Chronos(2019)
National Park Girls(2019)
Heart of the Woods(2019)

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