SNK Corporation

Historical Events

    Jul, 1978:


    • SNK's first game, Ozama Wars is released in arcades.


    • The release of the NeoGeo MVS (Multi-Video System) which allowed arcade operators to display one, two, four, or six separate games in a single cabinet.


    • The release of the NeoGeo AES (Advanced Entertainment System); a home version of the NeoGeo MVS.


    • The company drops its pit bull mascot, which it has used in many of its ads and had become a cult figure, when a new outside PR firm is chosen.

    Sep 09, 1994:

    • The company launches the NeoGeo CD console in Japan and sells the entire first run of 25,000 units on a single day.


    • The company releases a new version of the NeoGeo CD with faster cache RAM to solve the problem of lengthy load times. The console is called NeoGeo CDZ.



    • Later in 1999, the company shuts down its hardware manufacturing facilities and closes down its chain of NeoGeo World amusement centers.
    • The company launches the NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld in Japan, in the spring of 1999.


    • The company collapses and its properties are scattered out amongst several other entities, from Korean-based Eolith and Mega Enterprises to Japan-based Noise Factory.
    • Aruze does little to support SNK's video game business, so the original founder Eikichi Kawasaki leaves the company, along with other executives, to found the entertainment company Brezzasoft.

    Jan, 2000:

    • Aruze, a producer of Pachinko machines, acquires SNK Corporation, its intellectual property and its related companies to develop Pachi-Slot machines based upon popular SNK franchises.

    Oct 22, 2001:

    • After filing for bankruptcy and selling the intellectual property rights for most of the SNK franchises to BrezzaSoft, SNK Corporation officially ceases to be.


    • Eikichi Kawasaki founds a new holding company by the name of Playmore and reacquires SNK's property.

    Jul 07, 2003:

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