SNK of America


No game production was actually done at SNK of America, but there were at least two instances where SNK started development offices in America.

The first was SAI Softworks. It was a joint venture between SNK and Asatsu, their advertising firm (hence the S and the A.) It was originally located in Westwood, CA. That office was later brought under the full control of SNK (via SNK America) and the name was changed to SNK America R&D. At that time, they relocated to Torrance, CA not far from the SNK of America offices. SNK America R&D was closed 1995 and the 3D team members relocated to SNK Headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

The second, in 1997, was the rebirth of the SNK America R&D production office this time in San Jose, CA. They produced game trailers and and did motion capture for some SNK titles. It was closed in 1999 just before SNK hit their hard times in 2000.

Contributed on Jan 23, 2008 by Thaumogenesis (14)