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Software Diversions, Inc.


Moraffware was formed in the mid 1980's by Steve Moraff. The company quickly became known for its well-made Mahjongg and jigzaw puzzle shareware and freeware games. In addition to puzzle games, the company also developed and published arcade, action and role-playing games.

Moraff's Revenge was the company's first 3D dungeon game for the PC. Moraff's PinBall was the first computer game created by Moraffware for IBM's introduction of VGA resolution.

The company began developing games for Windows in the 1990s. The company distributed games under the names Moraff Games and MoraffWare, as trademarked labels. Many of the company's freeware and shareware games were distributed through larger channels like AOL, Yahoo! and CNet.

In June 2004 the company name was changed to Software Diversions, Inc.

Also Known As

  • Moraffware -- Company name until July 2004


Moraff's Maximum Mahjongg: Volume 2(2002)
Moraff's Jiggler 3D(1998)
'Jongg CD!, The(1997)
Moraff's Cyber Pinball(1996)
Moraff's Escapade(1996)
Moraff's Tinyjongg(1995)
Moraff's Spherejongg(1995)
Moraff's Dungeon Pack(1995)
Moraff's Ultra Blast(1995)
Moraff's Tempt-Tris(1993)
Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven(1993)
Moraff's Monster Bridge(1992)
Moraff's Monster Memory(1992)
Moraff's Stones(1992)
Moraff's Morejongg(1992)
Moraff's Entrap(1991)
Moraff's World(1991)
Moraff's Blast I(1991)
Moraff's Pinball(1989)
Moraff's Revenge(1988)


Company address & contact information (2010)

Software Diversions, Inc.
PO Box 351225
Palm Coast, FL 32135
United States
1.877.241.6677 toll free US & Canada
+1.813.862.0258 international

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