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Sound Source Interactive, Inc.


Game development studio Sound Source Interactive, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Vincent J. Bitetti and it used to be located in Delaware (USA). In 1994 the company was acquired by TDK Mediactive, Inc. In February 1998 the company acquired development studio BWT Labs, Inc.

The company only produced three games. Both companies then became TDK Mediactive, Inc. on 11th September 2000 following the acquisition of the company earlier that month, through the purchase of different sets of shares.


Land Before Time: Dinosaur Arcade, The(2000)
Casper: Friends Around the World(2000)
Happy Birthday, Maisy!(2000)
Land Before Time: Return to the Great Valley, The(2000)
Extreme Sports with The Berenstain Bears(2000)
Land Before Time: Toddler Time, The(1999)
Maisy's Playhouse(1999)
Land Before Time: Preschool Adventure, The(1999)
Babe and Friends: Animated Preschool Adventure(1999)
Star Trek Trivia Challenge(1999)
Abyss: Incident at Europa, The(1998)
Star Trek: The Game Show(1998)
Land Before Time: Kindergarten Adventure, The(1998)
Land Before Time: Animated Movie Book, The(1998)
Land Before Time: Math Adventure, The(1998)
Casper: Animated Activity Center(1998)
Casper: Animated Early Reader(1998)
Babylon 5: Shadow Wars(1997)
Final Conflict(1997)
Land Before Time: Activity Center, The(1997)
An American Tail: Animated MovieBook(1997)
Babe: A Little Pig Goes a Long Way - Interactive MovieBook(1995)
Lassie Interactive MovieBook(1994)
Secret Garden MovieBook, The(1994)


Company location and contact information (circa 1999):

Sound Source Interactive
26115 Mureau Road, Suite B
Calabasas, CA 91302-3126
Phone:(818) 878-0505
Fax: (818) 871-1972
Former company website: www.soundsourceinteractive.com

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