Super Fighter Team


Super Fighter Team is a videogame development, production and publishing company and based in San Diego, California, USA. Brandon Cobb is the President of the company.

The company's primary focus is the retro games market, and its namesake is the PC fighting game, Super Fighter, which was the first IP acquired.


Magic Girl Featuring Ling Ling The Little Witch(2015)
Nightmare Busters(2013)
Sango Fighter 2(2013)
Commander Keen: Keen Dreams(2013)
RPG Trifecta Pack(2013)
Star Odyssey(2011)
Sango Fighter(2009)
Super Fighter Block Battle(2008)
Legend of Wukong(2008)
Super Fighter(2008)
Beggar Prince(2006)


Location & contact information (July 2009):

Super Fighter Team
P.O. Box 713188
Santee, California 92072-3188
United States of America

E-mail: [email protected]

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