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Taskset Ltd.


Taskset Ltd was a software house which produced a range of original and technically accomplished games for the Commodore 64. The company was founded by Andy Walker.

Also Known As

  • AW Electronics (from 1981 to 1983)


Rupert and the Ice Castle(1986)
Yabba Dabba Doo!(1985)
Super Pipeline II(1985)
Souls of Darkon(1985)
Seaside Special(1985)
Cosmic Convoy(1984)
Super Pipeline(1984)
Bozo's Night Out(1984)
Cad Cam Warrior(1984)
Poster Paster(1984)
Pit, The(1982)


Address 1985

Taskset Ltd.
13 High Street
Bridlington Yo16 4PR
Tel: (0262) 673798/602668

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atari breakout

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