Telenet Japan Co., Ltd.

Historical Events

    Oct 27, 1983:

    • Company is founded as a developer and publisher of home computer games.

    Aug, 1985:

    Mar, 1987:

    • Wolf Team is founded as an external development company as an effort to make a think-tank for fresh game concepts.

    Oct, 1988:

    • Laser Soft is founded as a joint venture between Telenet and electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera. The objective of the new company is to develop games for optical media, and the first game to be developed is Valis II for the PC Engine CD.

    Mar, 1990:

    • The mother company releases its first CD-ROM title: Golden Axe for the PC Engine CD.
    • The local sales organisation, Renovation Products, Inc. is founded in California in the United States.

    Jun, 1990:

    • Telenet takes over all stocks in Laser Soft from Yodobashi Camera, turning it into a fully owned subsidiary.

    Jul, 1990:

    • Telenet takes over all stock in Wolf Team, turning it into a fully owned subsidiary.

    Dec, 1990:

    • Telenet's first Megadrive game, Gaiares goes on sale.

    Jan, 1991:

    • Both Wolf Team and Laser Soft are absorbed into Telenet in order to make the company more competitive.

    Oct, 1991:

    • The game Solfeace is released to coincide with the introduction of the Sega Mega-CD.

    Mar, 1992:

    • Telenet releases its first game for the Super Famicom: Super Valis


    Sep, 2002:

    • The company founds Telenet Jr for online and mobile phone services related to gambling or using content by Tenmei Kanoh who is a popular photographer of idols.

    Oct 25, 2007:

    • Telenet goes out of business.

    Dec 10, 2009:

    • SunSoft acquires the rights to Telenet's entire game library.
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