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TSR, Inc.


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Also Known As

  • TSR Hobbies, Inc. (from 1975 to 1983)
  • Tactical Studies Rules (from 1973 to 1975)


Icewind Dale(2000)
Planescape: Torment(1999)
Baldur's Gate(1998)
Descent to Undermountain(1997)
Dragon Dice(1997)
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara(1996)
Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft(1996)
Blood & Magic(1996)
Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance(1996)
AD&D Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands(1996)
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet(1995)
Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager(1994)
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession(1994)
Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse(1994)
Fantasy Empires(1993)
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands(1993)
Unlimited Adventures(1993)
Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor(1993)
Dungeon Hack(1993)
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom(1993)
Order of the Griffon(1992)
Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed(1992)
Treasures of the Savage Frontier(1992)
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace(1992)
Dark Queen of Krynn, The(1992)
A Line in the Sand(1992)
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun(1992)
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon(1991)
Eye of the Beholder(1991)
Shadow Sorcerer(1991)
Neverwinter Nights(1991)
Pools of Darkness(1991)
Death Knights of Krynn(1991)
War of the Lance(1990)
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday(1990)
Secret of the Silver Blades(1990)
Champions of Krynn(1990)
Curse of the Azure Bonds(1989)
Dragons of Flame(1989)
Pool of Radiance(1988)
Heroes of the Lance(1988)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge(1982)
Dungeon! Computer Adventure Game(1982)

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