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Tsukuda Original


Founded in 1973 Tsukuda Original are notable for a number of reasons. During the 1970s the company registered the board game, Reversi, under the name "Othello" (supposedly named after the Shakespearean play). They introduced the green, black and white colour scheme and created the modern rules used in the game today. Its success led to a number of video game interpretations, some of whom were programmed by Tsukuda Original themselves.

In 1983 Tsukuda Original struck a deal with Sega to produce a licensed SG-1000 clone, the Othello Multivision. It was one of Sega's attempts to try and establish a video game/computer standard, encouraging companies to make compatible systems (though this concept not be fully realised until ASCII Corporation and Microsoft debuted the MSX). The Othello Multivision, as the name suggests, came built with an SG-1000 interpretation of Othello built-in. There were two models of the console and a number of own-brand SG-1000 games developed by the company.

Tsukuda Original produced a total of eight game cartridges for the SG-1000. Their games were initially sold in silver boxes that mainly marketed them as Othello Multivision games, although compatibility with SG-1000 and SC-3000 was still mentioned on the back. Their games were later reissued in smaller black boxes that emphasized compatibility with both, the Othello Multivision and the SG-1000 platforms.

By the end of 1985 Othello Multivision was Discontinued, though the company continued to produce games primarily for Nintendo systems until 1995

During the 90s the company was famous for "Air Water Gun" Range of Water Gun but at the same time, The NEC PC-9801/21 PC Range was lose the Market Share to IBM Japan DOS/V PC Causing Tsukuda Original Return to Video Game industry again after 2 Year absence

in July 1st, of 1997 Tsukuda Synergy, another Tsukuda Group subsidiary was Founded to Distributed Video Game For Microsoft Windows Based DOS/V PC

in July 16, 2002 Tsukuda Group (including Tsukuda Original and Tsukuda Synergy) was Acquired by Bandai.

in April 3, 2003 Tsukuda Group entered the Civil Rehabilitation Law Bankruptcy claiming procedure (Civil Rehabilitation Law was similar to Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code, because it allows debtors, or company management, to draft a reconstruction plan.), the company was later liquidation and Tsukuda Synergy was closed down.


Avalon Hill's Squad Leader(2001)
Police Tactical Training(2001)
Eurofighter Typhoon(2001)
Homeworld: Cataclysm(2001)
Project IGI: I'm Going In(2001)
Hitman: Codename 47(2001)
Deus Ex(2001)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six(2000)
Quake III: Arena(1999)
Othello Millennium(1999)
Othello Derby(1995)
Othello World(1992)
Sannin Mahjong(1984)
Space Mountain(1984)
Space Armor(1984)
James Bond 007(1984)
Challenge Derby(1984)
Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf(1984)


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