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VATRA Games (Vatra is Czech for bonfire) was a Czech development studio established by Kuju Entertainment in 2009. Its Czech parent company was called TBY Czech s.r.o. The studio was initially formed when Kuju was looking for new developers for a studio in Eastern Europe around 2007-2008. Several developers from 2K Czech left the company for it and especially those who previously worked at PTERODON, Ltd., which merged with 2K Czech in 2006. The launch was announced in July 2009. The studio was initially headed by Matthew Seymour until it was announced in August 2011 he had left the studio for Heavy Iron Studios. VATRA was then headed by Andy Pang. At the start it consisted of about 45 people.

Contrary to Kuju's more casual Zoƫ Mode studios, VATRA focused on high-end action titles for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The studio's first title was Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot, released in March 2011 and a sequel to the classic title Rush'n Attack. Previously, Konami had already unveiled in June 2010 that the team was working on the eighth main Silent Hill game. It was released in March 2012 as Silent Hill: Downpour. The studio's publisher was Konami and VATRA worked with UnrealEngine3 for its titles.

In July 2012 Kuju announced to place the studio under review, to assess its viability. A month later, in August, Kuju CEO Dominic Wheatley said Kuju would not continue to own Vatra, as the team was left without work after an unnamed publisher cancelled a project. The studio has since become inactive.


Silent Hill: Downpour(2012)
Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot(2011)


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