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The Voyager Company


Voyager was a privately held company with approximately 50 employees working in Manhattan and Irvington, New York. The sales, marketing, editorial, production operations, customer service, and tech support took place in SoHo.

Voyager Japan, a sister company, distributed Voyager titles in Japan, and also develops their own projects in Japanese.


Sophie's World(1997)
Morton Subotnick's Making Music(1995)
Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel(1995)
With Open Eyes(1995)
Residents: Freak Show, The(1994)


One of Voyager's unreleased products was a CD-ROM game based after the cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000. The game was partially completed; but was never released due to setbacks.

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  • The Teachings of Bob Stein (Wired) (An (archived) article from Wired magazine by Amy Virshup which details the history of the company with a particular focus on its principal founder, Bob Stein, and his vision for the company (July, 1996).)


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