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WizardWorks Group, Inc.


WizardWorks Software is a publishing brand of GT Interactive Software Value Products Division, a subsidiary of GT Interactive Software Corp., and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for which reason it was referred to as the "Minneapolis studio" internally at Atari. WizardWorks was closed down in 2004.


Season Ticket Baseball 2003(2002)
Deer Hunter 5: Tracking Trophies(2001)
911 Fire Rescue(2001)
Leadfoot: Stadium Off-Road Racing(2001)
Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fleet(2001)
Robot Arena(2001)
Carnivores: Ice Age(2001)
Shark! Hunting the Great White(2001)
Xtreme Sports(2001)
B-17 Gunner: Air War Over Germany(2001)
Police Tactical Training(2001)
Dirt Track Racing: Australia(2000)
Emergency Rescue: Firefighters(2000)
Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars(2000)
Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition(2000)
Road Thrills(2000)
Swamp Buggy Racing(2000)
Beach Head 2000(2000)
New York Times Crossword Puzzles, The(2000)
FLW Professional Bass Tournament 2000(2000)
Innova Disc Golf(2000)
High Impact Paintball(2000)
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3: Trophies of the West(2000)
Deer Hunter 4: World-Class Record Bucks(2000)
Total Adrenaline 3D Drag Racing(2000)
Buckmasters Deer Hunting(2000)
Dirt Track Racing(1999)
Air Races(1999)
Deer Hunter 3: The Legend Continues(1999)
Harley-Davidson: Race Across America(1999)
Carnivores 2(1999)
Bird Hunter: Upland Edition(1999)
Xtreme Sports Arcade: Summer Edition(1999)
Deer Hunter 2: The Hunt Continues(1998)
Montezuma's Return(1998)
Emergency: Fighters for Life(1998)
Damage Incorporated(1998)
Deer Hunter's Extended Season(1998)
Deer Hunter Screen Saver(1998)
Retribution: Authorized Add-On for StarCraft(1998)
FunPack 3D(1998)
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter: Alaskan Expedition(1998)
Lawyer Hunt(1998)
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse(1997)
Chasm: The Rift(1997)
Duke: The Apocalypse(1997)
Duke!ZONE II(1997)
Football Mogul(1997)
Cryptic Passage for Blood(1997)

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