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Solar Storm(1984)
No Escape!(1984)
Demon Attack(1983)
Beany Bopper(1983)
Crypts of Chaos(1983)


Xante carts were programmable. You bought a blank cart at a kiosk then would select a game from their catalog.

It was then downloaded via phone line and burned onto the eprom of the cart. Then a plain label was printed for the cart and generic box. An instructions sheet was also printed.

Xante was local to Tulsa, Oklahoma in a few locations. Before they could go national, the 1984 crash came and put them out of business.

According to former Xante employee Roger Collins, Xante carts were actually reprogrammable but were not advertised as such. A new cart was sold when you bought a game.

Xante carts are among the rarest of the Atari 2600 game carts to collect.

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