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XS Games, LLC


XS Games, LLC is a US-based games publisher with headquarters in New York City.

The company has publishing operations across North America and Europe (France, Germany, Spain, UK) and Australia. XS Games Ltd. is the name of one of their European publishing branches.

XS Games is exclusively distributed by Take 2 and Jack of All Games in the United States.


TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR(2014)
Power Punch(2010)
Crazy Mini Golf 2(2009)
PopStar Guitar(2008)
Commando: Steel Disaster(2008)
Super PickUps(2007)
Red Star, The(2007)
Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk(2006)
War Chess(2005)
DT Racer(2005)
Castle Shikigami 2(2004)
Pure Pinball: American Pinball Reborn(2004)
Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's Adventures(2004)
Chicago 1930(2004)
Syberia II(2004)
Wanted Dead or Alive(2004)
Thunder Alley(2004)
XS Junior League Soccer(2004)
Super Trucks Racing(2003)
Virtual Pool 3(2003)
Mobile Light Force 2(2003)
XS Moto(2003)
Hugo: The Evil Mirror(2003)
XS Airboat Racing(2003)
XS Junior League Dodgeball(2003)
XS Junior League Football(2003)
Sol Divide(2002)
Superstar Dance Club(2002)
Monster Bass!(2002)
Jigsaw Madness(2002)


Company location and contact information (2008):

XS Games
US Corporate Headquarters
270 Lafayette St. Suite 1004
New York, New York
Phone: 212-431-1210

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