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Zero Entertainment Inc.


Zero Entertainment was established in 1997. The company designed software "meant to fill the niche between low-budget, amateur companies and grand-scale" mostly of the shareware variety for Windows and MacIntosh platforms.

Zero discontinued making or selling games online on July 26, 1999. Their chief distributor, Monkey Byte, continued to be active in selling Zero's games, however. Shortly thereafter the company's website became defunct.

After Zero Entertainment folded, they created a new company called Smarterville, Inc., which specialized on educational games aimed at kindergarten and first grade level children.


Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3(1998)
AlphaNatix: Urban Legends Edition(1998)


Company address (circa 1998):

Zero Entertainment, Inc.
911 E. Pike St. #208
Seattle, WA 98122-3839
24 Hour Fax: 206 302-7561

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