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Richard Jacques

Game Credits (By Role)


SingStar (2004)   (Song Composition Consultant)


Knowledge is Power (2017)   ("Knowledge Voyager", "Pop Quiz Pop", "Trivia Twist")
Sonic Forces (2017)   (Recording Coordinators)
Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (2016)   (Music Composed and Produced by)
Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (2014)   (Music Composed and Produced by)
Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion (2013)   (Soundtrack Composer)
LittleBigPlanet Karting (2012)   (Music Composers)
LittleBigPlanet PSVita (2012)   ('A Hollow Victory' and 'Ghost in the pan')
Mass Effect (2012)   (Additional Music)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed (2012)   (Music Remixes and Production by)
Fate of the World (2011)   (Sound Composition and Production)
Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)   (Race music (2 tracks) by)
Sonic: Generations (2011)   (Remix Artists & Composers)
Sonic: Generations (2011)   (Remix Artists and Composers)
007: Blood Stone (2010)   (Original Music - Composed by)
Alice in Wonderland (2010)   (Music composed by)
Alice in Wonderland: An Adventure Beyond the Mirror (2010)   (Music)
Fluidity (2010)   (Music)
Sonic: Free Riders (2010)   ("Free")
Battlestations: Pacific (2009)   (Music Composed by)
Sonic and the Black Knight (2009)   (Composers & Arrangers)
The Club (2008)   (Single Player Music Composed by)
Conflict: Denied Ops (2008)   (Music)
Hasbro Family Game Night (2008)   (Music Composition)
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)   (Additional Music)
Battlestations: Midway (2007)   (Music Composition)
Mass Effect (2007)   (Add'l Music)
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (2007)   (Composed, Arranged and Orchestrated by)
EyeToy: Play 3 (2005)   (Music Composer)
Ford Racing 3 (2005)   (Additional Sound Design)
Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (2005)   (Music)
Pursuit Force (2005)   (Music composed, arranged, orchestrated and produced by)
SingStar: '80s (2005)   (Song Composition Consultant)
Starship Troopers (2005)   (Original music composed by)
EyeToy: Play 2 (2004)   (Music Composed Arranged and Produced by)
Ford Racing 3 (2004)   (Additional Sound Design)
Headhunter: Redemption (2004)   (Music Composed by)
SingStar: Party (2004)   (Song Composition Consultant)
JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (2002)   (London Unit Creator)
Total Immersion Racing (2002)   (Music)
Headhunter (2001)   (Sound Producer)
Jet Grind Radio (2000)   (BGM Performed By)
Metropolis Street Racer (2000)   (Sound Producer)
Sega Worldwide Soccer '98 (1997)   (Music)
Sonic R (1997)   (Music Producer)
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition (1996)   (Music & Remix)
Daytona USA Deluxe (1996)   (Music & Remix)
Sonic 3D Blast (1996)   (Music (SOE))
F1 Challenge (1995)   (Sega Europe Music)


Conflict: Denied Ops (2008)   (Music)


Joe Danger (2010)   (Support)
SingStar: ABBA (2008)   (Song Composition Consultant)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)   (Supervisors (Original Games))
SingStar: Anthems (2006)   (Song Composition Consultant)


Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (2010)   (Special Thanks)
SEGA Superstars Tennis (2008)   (Very Special Thanks)
Battlestations: Midway (2007)   (Thanks to)
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (2006)   (Special Thanks)
OutRun 2 (2004)   (Thanks to)
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (2000)   (Special Thanks to (SOE))
Sega Swirl (2000)   (Special Thanks)
Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 (1996)   (Special Thanks To)


SingStar: Popworld (2005)   (Song Composition Consultant)