Arnold Hendrick

Developer Biography

From Darklands.Net:
Before he designed games for Microprose, Arnold Hendrick worked in game design. Of note: Grav Armor (Dwarfstar), a tactical combat game, and Barbarian Prince (also Dwarfstar), a paragraph adventure boardgame. He was also involved in Trireme from Avalon Hill (Redesign and Development).

Arnold Hendrick worked on a number of games for Microprose:
  • Silent Service II - project leader;
  • F-19 Stealth Fighter - game design by Sid Meier (based on an original idea by Jim Synoski and Arnold Hendrick) playtesting manual writing, with Joe Morel;
  • M1 Tank Platoon - game design, playtesting, manual writing;
  • Darklands - concept, game system and project management; game design (with Sandy Petersen and others); manual writing
Darklands won the 1992 PC Special Achievement Award from Game Players Magazine. As per Microprose, Arnold Hendrick is no longer with the company.

As of 1995, Arnold was with I-Magic and served as the designer of iM1A2 Abrams, released that same year.

Arnold wrote an article which was published back in the February 1998 edition of Game Designer Magazine: "How to Hire a Phenomenal Game Designer".

From 1998 Arnold was Sr. Producer at Kesmai Studios, which was acquired by EA in 2000. When EA closed Kesmai in 2001, the studio was reconstituted as Castle Hill Studios. Arnold remained with them through 2003.

From 2005 to 2009 Arnold was a program manager (equivalent to Sr. Producer) at Forterra Systems, an MMO "serious games" company and platform provider.

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