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atari yars

Beau Folsom

Developer Biography

Born in Farmington, New Mexico, Beau spent his early life in Durango Colorado. At the age of four he started traveling the globe, following his family to places like Iran, Borneo, Scotland and Singapore. They settled in Alaska when he was ten years old, and he started playing around with computers. This turned in to a life long obsession.

Beau knew that he wanted to work with computers as a career, and hoped that somehow he could couple it with his passion for art. In the mid 1980’s there were no schools that taught computer graphics, especially not in Alaska. Beau had a dream, but there was no clear path to achieve it. Despite people telling him that he needed to be practical and have a backup plan in case his art career didn’t work out, Beau dove headlong in to the search for his dream.

Serendipity and a good dose of fortitude finally collided as Beau was attending art school in Seattle. He heard that one of the alumni that was giving an after school workshop on comic book art also worked for a game company. He approached the man one night after the workshop and asked if there was any way to get his foot in the door at the game company. As luck would have it the company had an opening for a tester. Beau later discovered that the team he would be working with was originally from Lucas Arts, and had been responsible for many of the games that inspired him to be a computer artist to begin with.

Now it is over fourteen years later, and Beau is still working in the game industry, and has many credits to his name. It just goes to show that when a person puts there mind and passion to something, anything is possible.

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atari yars