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Richard Vogel

Developer Biography

Richard Vogel currently leads Battlecry Studios, an internal development studio of ZeniMax Media Inc. first announced in October 2012. Previously he was Vice President of Product Development for the Austin studio of BioWare Corporation since March 2006, where he managed new product development.

Rich Vogel has been doing game development for 15 years. His first five years was doing console development for CD-I, Sega, and PS-1. He started his online career as Senior Producer of Meridian 59 where he helped launch and run the live service. He left 3DO to join Origin in 1997 as Senior Producer of Ultima Online where he helped launch and run the live service for two years. He speaks frequently on issues of online world design, online development process, and online community management.

In 2000, Rich joined Sony Online Entertainment as Executive Producer and formed the Austin Studio. He shipped Star Wars Galaxies in 2003 and the first expansion Jump to Lightspeed in 2004. He managed the Galaxies live team for the first year after launch.

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