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Atari Asteroids

Susan Manley

Developer Biography

Susan Manley was formerly Susan Halbleib and a complete summary of her earlier works can be found by searching under that name as well.

Susan Manley has numerous new titles under her belt since the older SSI titles listed here on Moby Games.

Items of note while as a Project Manager for Electronic Arts: Desert Strike Sega Jungle Strike Sega Urban Strike Sega Bulls Vs Lakers Sega NBA Showdown Sega USA Basketball Sega Road Rash Sega Road Rash II Sega Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City SNES LHX Sega Navy Fighters PC F117A Night Storm Sega PGA Golf Windows PGA Golf SNES Mutant League Football Sega John Madden Football Coin-op While in EAs employ I worked on over 45 titles

For Imagination Network / Worldplay entertainment for AOL All Online products worked on as the Producer. - Baldies Online: An Action Strategy Game by Creative Edge in the UK - Mission Force: Cyberstorm: By Sierra On-line - Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2: By Sierra On-line - Front Page Sports: Baseball By Sierra On-line - Heavy Damage: a 2D top down Arcade Action game by Vipah Interactive - Distructo Discs: 2-1/2 D shuffle board game with team options and exploding discs - Fierce Harmony: a 3D strategy/fantasy-based sword fighting game by Indigo Moon (later published on Kesmai)

For Mattel Interactive Barbie Sports - Producer

For Olde Skuul Inc Battlechess: Game of Kings PC - Producer Bards Tale 1, 2 and 3 Remastered PC and MAC - Producer Oddworld New and Tasty - WiiU - Project Manager Oddworld New and Tasty - Vita - Project Manager

If you are looking to contact Susan Manley please send email to [email protected] (more bio's)

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