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Atari Cyberweek

Andrew Taylor

Developer Biography

From an interview with Digital Entertainment News, Aug 6th, 2004:

"My first game was published 20 years ago in the heady days of the 8-bit home computers. I worked for a number of companies freelance until around 15 years ago when I finally came in house. I’ve worked for companies including Eidos, (then Domark Software), SCI and Sega in the UK, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and briefly Japan. Around 8 years ago I finally made the move to the states and have since worked for Bethesda Softworks, Legend Entertainment, Pandemic Studios and now 2015. I have over 30 published titles on almost every platform from the last 20 years, including the most recent crop of consoles. I’ve been working as a lead programmer for around 10 years, and also as Technical Director at Pandemic. I started to specialize in game AI about the time I moved to the states."


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