Mads H. Peitersen

Developer Biography

*Currently working in the production and art department for the Bionicle toys & Lego. Creating Concept, character design, storytelling and storyboarding for Advertising, Marketing, movies and games..

Including several on & offline Tvc's, Print and instore advertising.

*Created Concept art for the Bionicle feature film "The Legend Reborn" An action adventure about the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

*Created Concept art for Lego Bionicle Glatorians online game.

*Created several small flash based online games as a part of a larger TV production for kids.

*Has 4 AAA titles released as seen in the list below. All titles for the Danish game developer IO Interactive.

*Freedom Fighters
*Hitman Contracts
*Hitman Bloodmoney
*Kane & Lynch

*Before working in games, Mads Peitersen created several carton TV series for kids. Including:
* "Jungledyret Hugo" - 14 episodes
* "The Fairytaler" - A show based on the tales of aka H.C. Andersen's adventures. - 24 episodes
* The Crazy Barn Show - 40 episodes

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