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Alex Drouin

Developer Biography

Alex Drouin is a senior Animation Director at the Ubisoft Montreal studio and has been working there since 1997. Being on the first hired wave, he worked as Lead Animator on his first project, Alex Builds His Farm (Playmobile franchise) a game targeted toward 5-year-olds.

He then got his first Animation Director opportunity on a game for a broader audience, Batman: Vengeance. This was his first experience with the action adventure genre. He supervised the animation team’s work and animated half of the Batman character.

In 2001, Drouin continued directing animation in the award-winning game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Directing only a small group of animators for the NPCs (non-playable characters), he had the time to focus on the Prince itself and produce over 700 animations to create a character that fluidly interacts with his environment.

From 2003 to 2007, Alex has been trying to push interaction further more with even more animations in another action adventure game: Assassin’s Creed. He’s been animating and supervising a small group of animators working exclusively on the main character.

Contributed by Alex Drouin (1) on Jul 12, 2007.
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