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Richard Aronson

Developer Biography

Richard Aronson started designing games in 1978, when he built his first role playing game world. He was the first game master for over 200 players while running Los Angeles Mensa's Role Playing Gaming SIG for a dozen years. Friends persuaded him to leave his secure and lucrative job programming worldwide email systems and make computer games.

Richard has worked on almost 20 games in various capacities, including lead programmer, lead game designer, and voice actor, including three online RPGs for "The Sierra Network." For TSN Richard designed the new game facilitating features "Mute", "Whisper", "Upload", and "Dice Rolling".

He has written two plays, one novel, and is well known as the author of the highly plagiarized, er, reprinted RPG vignette "Eric and the Gazebo". Richard has written dozens of articles on game and world design, been published in "The Spell Book", "Re:Quests", "The Bridge World", and "The Mensa Bulletin" and has spoken on games at several World Science Fiction Conventions, Mensa Annual Gatherings, and numerous gaming conventions.

Richard currently works for General Dynamics making serious games in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

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