David J. Reese

Developer Biography

David started his game career in 1994 as a game tester at ORIGIN on Wing Commander III. David moved into his first programming role for the game Technosaur before serving as a senior programmer for several companies including Multitude and Ion Storm. In 2004, David took on the role of Vice President of Product Development for TKO Software, heading up the Austin development team effort.

Throughout his career in the game industry, David has worked on FireTeam, the Xbox and PC versions of Deus Ex: Invisible War, Stubbs the Zombie, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, True Crime: New York City and the internet gaming title Let’s Poker. David is a co-founder of Iron Will Games where, in 2007, he served as Chief Technical Officer of the MMORPG Ashen Empires. Later in 2007 he became President of Pixel Mine, Inc.

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