Taron Millet

Developer Biography

Taron began his game development career as an independent developer while working in technical support, QA, and as a technical writer in game-related projects. During this period he created several game guides, mods, maps, utilities, and freeware games for multiple platforms. Most notable of these were his custom-scripted maps for StarCraft and WarCraft III and the freeware Windows PC game Minebot Arena.

In 2004 Taron joined licensed handheld games developer Griptonite, where he worked as a game programmer for popular franchises such as X-Men, Spyro the Dragon, Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed, and Shinobi. While there he developed a reputation for his focus on quality and fun game mechanics, and was often responsible for designing and implementing the player controls and combat systems for action-packed side-scrolling platformers.

In early 2012, soon after Griptonite become a part of Glu Mobile (a freemium social/mobile games company), Taron moved on to help form Crazy Viking Studios, an independent game studio where he remains today as the studio's programmer, game designer, and half-owner. Crazy Viking Studios' first game was Volgarr the Viking, released initially on Windows PC (Steam).

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