Alex P. Cheng

Developer Biography

Alex Cheng has been a programmer in the gaming industry since 2001, having worked at PopTop Software and Inevitable Entertainment (now known as Midway Austin), before joining Firaxis in February 2006 as software engineer.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, he went on to earn an AS in Game Design from Full Sail University.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys Texas Hold ‘em (which makes him fit right in!), speed chess, and, naturally, video games! He also plays a variety of sports including tennis, bowling, shooting pool, and racquetball. He has been known to feel a little too comfortable behind the wheel of a big-rig, so are hoping we won’t lose him to a life of truck drivin’!

Alex’s Game History:
Tribes: Aerial Assault, The Hobbit, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Shattered Union

Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Apr 29, 2006.