David M. Carter

Developer Biography

From the Volition web site:
"I got into computers mid ’85. Figured it was much less dangerous than crashing vehicles. Too stoopid to be a programmer. So, I studied design and technical illustration. Ran my own company for a while doing graphics for some big name Corp’s, and got married in ’91. Beautiful woman and the love of my life. Had two amazing kids, they’re so much smarter than their dad already. I was snapped up by Epic Games in ’93, third man on the Unreal project. Completed that, Unreal Tournament and worked on countless other titles. I went solo again in ’99, and animated Deep Space 9-The Fallen with The Collective in CA. Joined High Voltage in ’00, and started up RedEye Studios in ’01."

Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Nov 27, 2003.