Anthony Chiang

Developer Biography

Anthony Chiang first broke into the games industry as a designer and self-taught programmer of Apple ][ software in the 1980's. While attending the University of California at Berkeley, his work appeared in Softdisk and Uptime disk magazines. After college, Anthony was hired at Spectrum HoloByte where he primarily worked on their line of combat flight simulators for the PC. He doubled as a 3D modeler and art technician for Falcon 3.0 and its three successful expansion disks: Operation: Fighting Tiger, MiG-29 and F/A-18 Hornet. The compilation CD, Falcon Gold, was honored by Next-Gen magazine as one of the Top 100 Games of all time.

Anthony proceeded to build texture-mapped, real-time 3D models for Spectrum HoloByte's popular PC CD-ROMs Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity and Top Gun: Fire At Will!.

Anthony joined the LucasArts Entertainment Company in 1996 to work on Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II which won numerous 1997 Game Of The Year awards. Anthony joined Nihilistic Software during its founding in 1998. In his spare time, Anthony can usually be found planning his next trip to Las Vegas or reading British tabloids on the Internet.

Past works at Nihilistic:


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