Jeffery L. Briggs

Developer Biography

Founder and President of Firaxis Games, Jeff's 16-year career in game making started in the world of historical simulation board games at West End Games. From there he went to MicroProse Software, where he began a long- time collaborative relationship with Sid Meier, producing, directing and designing some of the most successful entertainment software titles of all time including multiple versions of Sid Meier's Pirates! and F-19, and Civilization II, Colonization and F-117A Stealth Fighter.

A classically trained musician, Jeff has written the musical scores for over 30 games and has worked in every area of game development: as designer, producer, director, manager and composer of some of the best PC games in the world. Jeff creates an open environment for teamwork keeping the Firaxis team focused, motivated, and excited about crafting and delivering fun games.

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