Alan Ackerman

Developer Biography

Alan joined the video game industry in 1990 when he was hired at SEGA. While at SEGA he worked on projects for the SEGA Genesis, Saturn, and Titan Arcade platforms; and on such titles as: Kid Chameleon, Sonic Xtreme, The Ooze, and Die Hard Arcade. His art skills evolved from 2D art and animation to include real time 3D art and animation. In 1997 Alan worked at Sony Computer Entertainment America on the real time 3D Playstation game Warhawk 2. In 1998 Alan joined Blizzard North to work on Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction; doing background art; designing and creating character specific inventory items. Alan worked at Blizzard for more than four years before leaving the company for Castaway Entertainment, where he holds the position of Senior Artist and Designer.

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