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Atari Gravitar

Richard Mister Jr.

Developer Biography

Woodie Mister was the primary covert operations technical consultant for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series. The former US Navy SEAL has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Panama – just to name a few. Still active as a private military advisor, Mister is the real deal, having both the stories and scars to prove it. Working closely with Mister helped the Ubisoft developers create the most authentic and realistic espionage video game to date.

Industry newcomer, Woodie Mister is also the president of Atlantica Group Inc., (www.atlanticagroupinc.com) an entertainment consulting firm providing highly specialized technical consulting services and advice for gaming, motion picture and television clients, which is regarded as ABSOLUTELY the most current and detailed information to date.

Woodie says, "It's the details that make the difference," and he certainly seems to know what he's talking about, considering UbiSoft's Splinter Cell franchise is the one of the biggest revenue producing games of all time. Ubi uses the best advisors in the business, which certainly says a lot for the success of Splinter Cell.

Contributed by woodie mister (1) on Oct 13, 2006.
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