Christian Nabais

Developer Biography

Short bio : Born in Finland, living in France. Began my career as a computer engineer and a bodybuilder. Began writing in 1992 and have never stopped since. Have worked on more than 10 games, educational softwares, 8 books, and have been the editor of a webmagazine for teens, "La Tribu du Web".

Additionnal info : I've also co-written "Timegate", "Asterix et le défi de César", and the bonus game "Jack in the Dark", for Infogrames. And I co-wrote "Alone in the Dark 3", although you credit me with simple "thanks". I'm currently writing a game (script + dialogues) based on the "Largo Winch" comic-book & TV series, for UbiSoft. My writing activities include many translations, 4 years working on educational softwares, a cyberpunk serial for Infogrames'BBS Outline, journalism, and the novelization of "Alone in the Dark 3" for I-Motion.

Christian NABAIS

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