Michael Murguia

Developer Biography

Michael’s career in games began as a 3D Artist in 1994 when he was hired by PEI, a game developer in Pinole, Ca. That studio became "Maxis Studio One", the console division for Maxis, the creators of SimCity. Michael stayed on to introduce 3D art tools as an integral part of the game development process, working on such titles as "SimCity 2000", "SimCity Sega Saturn", "SimCopter", and "The Streets of SimCity". In 1997 Maxis was acquired by Electronic Arts, and with his partners, Michael started New Pencil, Inc. – an on demand art production facility for game developers. Michael handles all business aspects of New Pencil. Since 1997 New Pencil has contributed to over twenty original titles including EA’s - "The World Is Not Enough", S3’s "Unreal Tournament", God Games’ "Myth 3 The Wolf Age", Wild Tangent’s "Snowboard Extreme", and "BMX Pro", and most recently Maxis’ "SimCity4". New Pencil provided over 75% of the art content for the number one best selling franchise in the industry, "The Sims’" series, from Maxis.

Contributed by Michael Murguia (3) on Nov 13, 2002.