David L. Gilbert

Developer Biography

Dave Gilbert (writer/coder) is the founder of Wadjet Eye Games and has been interested in adventure games ever since 1986, when his mother made the mistake of buying him a copy of Wishbringer. Fifteen years later, he took his first dip into game creation in when he discovered the Reality on the Norm Project and wrote his first short game. Since then, he has authored over six successful freeware games, including 2004's award-winning Two of a Kind. In 2006, he released his first two commercial adventures with his company Wadjet Eye Games: The Shivah and The Blackwell Legacy. The Blackwell series was continued with the release of the prequel Blackwell Unbound in 2007.

After that he signed with PlayFirst, Inc. to develop a commercial adventure for them. That game became Emerald City Confidential, released in February 2009. It's a detective story loosely based on The Wizard of Oz and it is the first title he did not develop using the AGS engine.

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