Emmanuel Cholley

Developer Biography

Emmanuel Cholley was born in Japan in 1972, just in time for the release of PONG and grew up in the environment of Game Centers in the district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, where he discovered Space Invaders, Pacman, Tranquilizer Gun, Crazy Climber or Missile Command.

When he arrived in France in 1981, he studied Sound Engineering and Multimedia production from 1990 to 1995 until he joined INFOGRAMES in 1995.

Mr. Cholley started his career in Senior Game Analyst Family / Core Games as a debug Tester for Alone in the Dark, then he stepped up the corporate ladders of INFOGRAMES (later merged with ATARI) at the same pace as the Industry of gaming that was becoming global. He participated in over 50 releases of major games during this period.

In 2003, he partnered with two colleagues to found DELAFUN - a company specialized in mobile applications and software - and developed SITCOM, the first interactive episode adventure available on Mobile Phones, and derived from the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

In 2006, at the dawn of the Nintendo DS revolution, he joined DREAM ON studio as Lead Designer / Game Director until 2009.

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