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atari breakout

Chris Knott

Developer Biography

Some say that being born in the hottest summer of the 70's and being dropped lots is the reason Chris is the way he is.

Others say it is the massive wealth of talent and intellect he possesses.

Some say studying in deepest, darkest, wettest Wales has made him the way he is.

But most people say it's because he's from Essex and a twat.

He has been animating for four years, two at University and two at the Foot. He worked on Urban Chaos and is now Lead Animator on Space Station Utopia.

Hobbies include lifting weights, swearing at his computer....constantly, getting tattoos, playing football and supporting the greatest football team on gods green earth.....Liverpool F.C. And snow boarding too!.

Source: Selected articles from Mucky Foot Official Company Website


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