Matt Parkins

Developer Biography

Matt Parkins joined Gremlin Interactive in November 1996 in quality assurance working mainly on their bug tracking database. He soon moved on to writing PC game installers, followed by Research & Development, and then onto the games themselves. Gremlin was bought by Infogrames and the Sheffield studio was closed in April 2003.

Since then he has worked for the St Thomas' church as a ministry assistant to Mike Breen for just over a year, and then moved into freelance PHP coding for a few years, including spending some time travelling around the world. In late 2005 he and his wife stopped in Australia to work as a pastor of the the young adults in Geelong, Victoria part time and he continues to work as a freelance PHP coder for a couple of days a week.

In 2008 he left Australia with a sense of a call to Christian vocational ministry and joined the Elim denomination. He now Pastors at York Elim Church in York, UK.

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