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Shane Collier

Developer Biography

Shane Collier has been working in the games industry since 1992 in a number of roles. Currently a Lead Designer, he has also been a QA Manager, Lead Tester and Assistant Producer.

Working at present for Transmission Games [formerly IR Gurus] in Melbourne, Australia, he has worked on the following titles:

Lead Designer: Heatseeker [PS2, Wii], Heroes of the Pacific [Xbox, PS2, PC.], THQ - Rocket Power Beach Bandits 2002 (Evolution Games), Krush, Kill & Destroy, Krush, Kill & Destroy Xtreme [PC] Assistant Producer Ty 2: Bush Rescue [GC, PS2, GBA.]

Designer: Men In Black: Alien Escape, Looney Toons Space Race, Krush, Kill & Destroy 2.

QA Manager/Test Lead: NES: Mickey's Safari in Letterland GAMEBOY: 4-in-1 Fun Pak, Agro Soar, Bamse the Bear, Casino Fun Pak, Choplifter II, Edd the Duck, Fun Pak II, Fun Pak III, Fun Pak IV, NFL Quarterback Club, NBA All-Star Challenge, Terminator 2 – The Arcade Game, Tazmania, Tom & Jerry - Frantic Antics, We're Back BC.

SEGA GAMEGEAR: Choplifter II, Game Pak I, Game Pak II, Game Pak III, MLBPA Baseball, True Lies. SEGA GENESIS: WCW World Championship Wrestling, Blades of Vengeance, Radical Rex, Tom & Jerry, True Lies.

SNES: True Lies, Choplifter III, Mechwarrior, Radical Rex, Shadowrun, Smash TV, Super High Impact, Super International Cricket, Super Solitaire, True Lies, Wild C.A.T.S., World Championship Wrestling

SEGA SATURN: GEX, Lost Vikings – Norse by Norsewest, Total Eclipse IBM-PC: Alien Earth, Bear Essentials, Bug, Dethkarz, EA Sports Cricket ‘96 , EA Sports Cricket ‘97, EA Sports Cricket Ashes Tour Edition, GP 500, KKND, KKND Xtreme, KKND2: Krossfire, Languages 4 Kids Series [14 titles], NBA Full Court Press, PJ Rabbit Paul Bunyan Storybook, Robot Madness, The Dame was Loaded, The Disc – Issues 1-6

PLAYSTATION 1: Caesars Palace, GEX, Lost Vikings – Norse by Norsewest, Total Eclipse, KKND Krossfire

DREAMCAST: Looney Toons Space Race PHILIPS CD-I: The Dame Was Loaded

Contributed by Shane Collier (2) on Sep 26, 2005. [revised by : Shane Collier (1)].