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David Jordan

Developer Biography

Dave began working in the video game industry as a QA tester on Sept 11th 1999 for Sierra Online in Bellevue Wa. The first 3 1/2 years were up and down as Sierra went through its death throws, finally closing the doors and relocating the remaining offices to Culver City Ca under the Vivendi banner. During this period Dave went through a number of 3 month layoffs, and was then sent to England for what was supposed to be a 2 week stint to help the final polish of Malice for the PS2. Unfortunately the Malice project fell apart and the team ended up with a 2 month session in Oxfordshire trying to assist in salvaging what was rapidly becoming a nightmare project. Upon returning home to Seattle in October yet another layoff occurred. The following April Dave moved to southern California and accepted a position as an Associate QA Lead with Vivendi. This position lasted for 3 months before he decided that it was time to move on to a group that would recognise and appreciate his talents. This was followed by a very brief 3 month stint at New.Net in Pasadena. Fast forward 10 months and Dave has moved to San Francisco. After a 10 month job search that included knocking on every game company door from Marin to San Jose and beyond, Dave applies for a temp CQC tester position at EA in Redwood Shores to get his foot back in the video game industry door. CQC (Customer Quality Control) differs in many respects from QA, with the focus being to get through all of a game in one week after QA has completed their testing, looking for "Game Stoppers" and non functioning features among other issues. Not as technical as QA, but often times much more stressful and enjoyable. After serving for 4 months as a temp Dave was brought onboard as a CQC Project Lead. A little less than 1 1/2 years later Dave became the Supervisor for EA's CQC-North America.

The credits below do not reflect many of the projects that Dave has worked on including many Counter Strike updates, Judge Dredd, Battle Castle, Pirate Raider, Tribes 2 Aerial Assault, Spyro, and numerous EA products including all titles shipped since Feb 2006.

Contributed by David Jordan (2) on Dec 29, 2006.