Simon Jones

Developer Biography

Simon Jones has worked on the following games: Prehistorik Man (Titus), Titus The Fox (Titus), Monster Max (Titus), Quik The Rabbit (Titus), Lone Soldier (Telstar), Speed Rage (Telstar), Virus: The Game (Telstar), Dementia (Telstar), Wreckin' Crew (Telstar), Onside Soccer (Telstar), Davis Cup Tennis (Telstar), Quake II: The Reckoning (Activision), Quake II: Ground Zero (Activision), WWF SmackDown! (THQ), WWF Revenge (THQ), WWF Wrestlemania (THQ), WcW Thunder (THQ), WcW Nitro (THQ), Michael Owen's WLS 2000 (THQ), Ballistic (THQ), X: Beyond the Frontier (THQ), BreakNeck (THQ), Penny Racers (THQ).

Simon Jones is the co-founder of The Toy:Lobster Company. On 21st August 2006, he announced to leave the Heathrow-based toy maker to found Peppermint M Ltd. - a marketing consultancy service.

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