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Brian Eiserloh

Developer Biography

Squirrel (Brian) Eiserloh is a veteran programmer/designer seeking to find ways to help gaming discover its full potential as a medium. His path through game development has spanned a number of genres from early online MUDs to action/adventure/role-playing games, casual games, and shooters. An advocate of education, creative collaboration, and rapid iteration, he is currently helping forge a new Dallas-based game development studio. In his spare time he organizes a group of area developers who conduct 48-hour experimental "game jam" sessions and serves on the board of his local IGDA chapter.

Ever since he got his hands on an Apple II in '79, Brian has been playing and creating games. Twelve years and several programming languages later he discovered some like-minded friends in college, where he (barely) picked up a degree in Physics & Math with an emphasis in Doom Deathmatch. After contributing to a few free internet-based game projects he spent a short while as a network admin / tech rat for a handful of Chicago-area educational centers. Heading down to Dallas, TX in February of '97, he joined up with Tom Hall and John Romero at their new startup, Ion Storm.

After finishing up Tom Hall's Epic RPG Anachronox (Lead Programmer), Squirrel - as he is known to friends, family, and colleagues - worked on a variety of PC and console games at Ritual Entertainment (Lead Programmer / Tech Director), and casual games at MumboJumbo (Technical Director). He is currently partnered with Ken Harward in the company TrueThought, whom he joined in August 2008.

Having spent ten years teaching and tutoring in various capacities, Squirrel remains a strong advocate of continuing education (especially math education) and mentoring relationships. He believes that the educational potential for games remains grossly under-realized and continues to explore the intersection of those fields.

Favorite games include: Chrono Trigger, X-Com, Ultima, Alpha Centauri, NetHack, Doom, Quake, Military Madness, Age of Empires, Street Fighter, Tekken, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Shadow of the Colossus, Warcraft, Chess, Go, Magic: The Gathering, Poker, and Werewolf/Mafia

Shipped games include: Anachronox, Elite Force II, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike for Xbox, 25 To Life, Quake 4, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Luxor 3.

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