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Atari 50

Michael Daubert

Developer Biography

Michael Daubert has been in the gaming industry for over 18 years now, starting at Iguana Entertainment/Acclaim as a 3d Artist working on the Saturn and N64 platforms. Michael worked on the Batman Forever Stand Up Arcade game and ports, South Park N64, Iggys Wreaking Balls,and VEXX. Michael was also the Art Director for Turok Rage Wars. Michael was at Acclaim for 10 years, then started his own Animation Studio, The Animation Farm, specializing in outsource assets for games and commercials. The Animation Farm was major contributors to major games including Unreal Tournament 2004, Gears of War, Epic Mickey, Darksiders and Wizards 101. Michael spent 5 years at Sony Online Entertainment as the Studio Art Director for their Austin Studio, as well as over seeing their remote studios in Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix. Michael worked on Star Wars Galaxies and helped launch DC Universe Online on PC and PS3. Michael is currently the Art Director and GM for Motus Digital, a motion capture studio in Plano TX. Motus Digital has provided motion capture to numerous games, including Aliens Colonial Marines, Star Wars Kinetic, StarHawk, and Star Wars the Old Republic.

Contributed by Michael Daubert (4) on Jan 09, 2013.
Atari Gravitar