Adam Davidson

Developer Biography

Adam Davidson began working for Acclaim Entertainment as a Quality Assurance tester in 1998. He tested several games during his testing stint. He became a QA project lead in 1999 and led the following titles:
  • Maya the Bee (CGB) - PAL only (Crawfish)
  • Shadowman (N64) - NTSC and PAL (Acclaim Studios Teeside)
  • Trickstyle (PC) (Criterion Studios)
  • South Park: Chef's Love Shack (PS2 and PC) - NTSC (Acclaim Studios Austin)
  • Jeremy McGrath Motocross (N64) - NTSC and PAL (Acclaim Studios SLC)
  • Dave Mirra BMX (PS2) - E3 Demo and NTSC* (Z-Axis)
    *Note: Adam left Acclaim Entertainment for Rockstar Games very early on during the testing of DM:BMX and Chris Knowles took over the project in his absence.
In 2000, Adam left Acclaim Entertainment to work for Rockstar Games and a QA Lead Analyst. He led the following projects from a QA standpoint:
  • Midnight Club (PS2) - NTSC and PAL (Angel Studios)
  • Oni (PC and PS2) - NTSC and PAL (Bungie/Rockstar Canada)
  • Max Payne (PC) - (Remedy/3DRealms)
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2) - NTSC and PAL (DMA Design)
In 2001 Adam became an Associate Producer and has co-produced Max Payne (PS2 and XBox) - NTSC and PAL (Remedy/Rockstar Canada/3DRealms). Adam also has voice credits for Grand Theft Auto 3 where he did voices for the standard police officers and the psychotic helicopter pilot. He also has voice credit in other Rockstar titles.

After Rockstar, Adam worked for NCSoft. He is currently the Lead Producer with L5 Games.

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