Christopher Theriault

Developer Biography

Christopher has been a game designer all his life, starting from grade school where he would make his own versions of games that he always wanted to play but was too poor to buy. By high school he was both producing board games and making computer versions on the Commodore 64. His fascination for gaming was enough that he dropped out of college in 1991 after realizing he was spending more time playing Sid Meier's Civilization than working on academics.

Later Christopher drifted through a variety of odd jobs while still continuing to make board games on the side. He eventually ended up in the Army and saw service in Europe and the Middle East. Leaving the Army in 1998, he was playing Age of Empires and started poking around with the scenario editor. After finding a website devoted to fan-produced scenarios for AoE he started to upload his work there under his own name and the moniker "Eggman".

His scenarios were popular enough that to became somewhat well-known in the community and he was recommended to produce scenarios for a company called Creative Carnage. Turning in a 10-scenario campaign for which he was paid $1000 became his first paycheck for gaming. Later on he was approached by Rick Goodman who had left Ensemble Studios to form Stainless Steel Studios, and he brought Christopher to work for him on the single-player experience for their flagship title Empire Earth. After working on Empire Earth and its follow-on Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, he went back to college and earned a Computer Engineering degree from the DigiPen Institute of Technology where he is now employed as of 2012.

Contributed by Christopher Theriault (3) on May 05, 2012.